A. Sanders Location: Kent Surgery date: 10th January 2018

I’m very impressed with the results of my hair transplant. I’m very happy to recommend KSL Hair. Having this surgery has boosted my confidence.

Immediately after surgery.

6 months after surgery.


Alex P Location: Kent Surgery date: 10th June 2017

What a transformation… I was fully supported throughout the process, from the first phone call enquiring through to operation, post op care and check ups everything was fully explained and detailed. Thank you Lloyd and KSL Maidstone team.

Photo’s coming shortly.


Joe Mills Location: Kent Surgery date: 18th November 2017

I can’t believe my results, it is the best thing I have ever done! I look a completely different person. I even collated my own photo montage – see below, post surgery, 4 weeks later and then 6 months later. Thank you to everyone at KSL Hair Maidstone.


When Joe visited the clinic for his 7 month check we also took some photo’s of his progress:


Lara Location: Kent Surgery date: 6th January 2018

I still find it amazing that I am still one of the few women that have decided to get this done. I know through my research that theres a huge number of women that are suffering from hair loss a other deteriorative hair conditions. Yes it happens, WE LOSE HAIR TOO.

I used to wear my hair really tight as a teenager and into my early twenties, little did I know that I was seriously damaging my hair, and that my doctor would later tell me I had traction alopecia.  I must admit I kind of saw this as the end of my world; I’m a woman and as wrong as it might be, we’re not expected to lose our hair. I remember being told there really wasn’t much I could do, so I took to the web to do my own research  determined to find a solution to my problem. To my surprise I found a very small number of women that were sharing their experiences concerning hair loss, and really thought that I wasn’t going to find a solution.

I remember speaking to a friend who was talking about all of the footballers and male celebrities that were all having hair transplants. I remember thinking; “wait, why cant I have one of those?” I remember them laughing and telling me I couldn’t be serious. The rest is history. I did some searching around and the name KSL kept coming up, so I booked a consultation. Lloyd and Dr Matee explained the procedure, the aftercare, but by this time I was determined and ready to get it done, and now it is, I couldn’t be happier. Gone are my days of paranoia and constant worry. I’m me again for the first time in a long time.




Steve Location: Kent Surgery date: 21st September 2017

I was so anxious for many years about my hair. Such was my quest for improvement that I spent thousands of pounds with Belgravia which only helped look after what hair I had left! It did nothing  in terms of promoting any hair growth whatsoever and in hindsight I wasted a lot of money. I got so frustrated with the lack of alternatives available that I began to research what I could do and that’s when I found KSL. After reading a number of positive reviews, I decided to arrange a free consultation and was instantly reassured by Lloyd and his team. I took the plunge and now I wouldn’t look back.  I have had fantastic results and I’m only eight months in. I would highly recommend the treatment to all those that are in the same position that I was in. You’re looked after from start to finish and even after that! They honestly can’t do enough for you. I cannot say a big enough thank you to everyone at KSL, but can say that you have changed my life.

Before Treatment:

After Treatment:

Matthew Location: Kent Surgery date: 18th December 2017

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to consider the treatment! My hair had been deteriorating for a number of years, and I guess you could say I was burying my head in the sand. My friends and family constantly told me to stop worrying about it, but to be honest they weren’t the ones that were losing their hair. The decision to use KSL all seems so long ago now; after nearly five months I am over the moon with my results and am even more motivated by the fact that there is still more to come. From start to finish I have been impressed with the client care which was my main concern when choosing who to undertake my hair transplant procedure with.  The consultation was informative and simple. Surgery day was obviously intense but everybody involved went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible. Aftercare is fantastic; I did my full course of post-op treatments and followed Dr Matee’s instructions to the word. The thickness and density of my hair has blown me away and my hairline looks so natural. I believe you get what you pay for in life and this is no exception. I feel like me again for the first time in a long time and I cant thank every at KSL enough. Thank you.

Before Treatment:

After Treatment:

Vinod – wounded Afghanistan soldier Location: Kent.

I guess my story is very different from most people that have used KSL for hair transplants. I started loosing my hair after I was wounded in action while on Tour in Afghanistan in 2010. I lost both of my legs, and sustained a severe head injury that left my hair separated by a large scar. During my recovery I was given medication that subsequently led to the deterioration of my hair.

You might be thinking why do I care so much about my hair after what I have been through. But I have always had the attitude; what does not kill you makes you stronger. After months and months of battling with my injuries, I have found a purpose, a goal that has given me focus and drive. In 2020 Tokyo will host the Paralympic Games and I am determined to represent Team GB in the 10m shooting event. I want to represent my Team GB with pride, and with confidence, which is what led me to KSL Hair.

I remember walking through the doors of the clinic and meeting Lloyd and his team, including Dr Ullah. I explained my story, and my ultimate goal of attending the 2020 Paralympics, and they were determined to help me get back to feeling my best. Dr Ullah did not give me any illusions or false hopes concerning the treatment. He explained that it was going to be difficult to limit the visibility of the scarring of my head, but he was determined to try if it was what I wanted. In 2017 I undertook KSL’s FUE procedure, and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations. My scars are barely visible, my hair is thick and healthy, and more importantly I am ready to take on the world in 2020!

After scar treatment:


Before hairline treatment:

After hairline treatment:

Lawrence Location: Kent.

I started to lose my hair about six or seven years ago. It was very gradual and was not much to worry about at first. As time has progressed however it became a big personal issue for me, and began to really dent my confidence. I spoke to my GP about what I could do, to at least halt the deterioration of my hair. They were unable to suggest anything other than medication, and lifestyle changes and it was not until I did some of my own research that I discovered KSL and their FUE treatment. I spoke to a friend to get their thoughts, and after explaining the stress the state of my hair was causing me, we both agreed that KSL’s free consultation meant I had nothing to lose.

I must admit I was very sceptical at first, however after meeting Lloyd and his team I felt very well informed about the procedure and everything it entailed. I was advised to think on my decision, and that I should not rush, but two weeks later decided to bite the bullet. The procedure itself was painful it must be admitted, but the KSL team constantly checked on my wellbeing during the operation, and even let me choose my own music!

It’s now seven months since my procedure and I am delighted with the results; I have well and truly rediscovered my confidence. Lloyd’s team at KSL have been fantastic from the outset, and the aftercare provided has been outstanding. I would recommend KSL to anyone that is worried about their hair loss. Thank you KSL for everything.

Jordan Location: Kent.

Having spent months looking and finding different hair transplant clinics around the UK I found KSL. They were by far superior to any other judging by all the great reviews. From day 1 of the transplant being done to now 3 months on, the after care has been second to none and I cant thank the staff enough! They are the most helpful and friendliest bunch you can meet and happy to help whenever.  I fully recommend KSL to anyone thinking of getting this done.


Joe Location: Kent.

So glad I chose KSL for my procedure the treatment was great, all the staff have been excellent with the aftercare, and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get this done.









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