Gareth Gates: Spirit in the Spikes…

Since undergoing the procedure at KSL Clinic Ltd, Maidstone, four months ago, Gareth Gates has taken to social media to share his incredible results. The famous spikes of the noughties may not have returned, but Gareth’s hair is thicker, fuller and healthier.

An ecstatic Gareth said to his followers; “How good is my new hair!? So happy with it – and I’m only four months in! Thanks KSL.”  Having rediscovered his self-confidence, Gareth said that the procedure “can make you feel better about yourself, and KSL Clinic Ltd, is the perfect place for that.”

Director of The KSL Clinic Ltd, Lloyd Hume, on seeing the pictures said: “We are thrilled with Gareth’s results, he was very anxious when he first arrived at the clinic, but has left feeling back to his best, which is the feeling we want everyone to leave with when using us. We remain strongly committed to providing the best hair transplant procedures in the UK. Gareth’s results go to show that anyone that feels the same way as he did about their hair, can get incredible results in as little as four months.”

Having risen to fame after reaching the final stages of 2002’s talent show Pop Idol, Gareth Gates, became famous for his hair and in particular his impressive spikes, which earned him a deal with hair giants Wella.

Since, Pop Idol, Gareth has carved out a career as a successful performer on both stage and screen; however over time, he started to notice a marked deterioration in the thickness and health of his hair.

“I’m not bald, but I am quite conscious about my hairline and the fitness of my hair.” He went on to say; “It’s only been fairly recently that my hair has really started to get me down a bit and I’ve been really self conscious about it – the past year or so.”

Gareth has most recently been touring the UK in the musical Footloose, and says that he has been wearing hats due to anxiety regarding his hair.

“I’m constantly on stage and so image is a big, big thing for me and I have to look my best.”

With dented confidence and a drive to boost his stage career, Gareth became committed to doing something about his hair. Despite conducting a huge amount of research online regarding hair treatments and his varying options, Gareth still felt uncomfortable with the stigma and process involved with having a hair transplant. It was only after walking through the doors of KSL Clinic Maidstone that Gareth “started to feel comfortable and relaxed with the idea”.

Gareth admits that he was “quite nervous and agitated about the thought of having a hair transplant,” but that most of his concerns stemmed from a lack of knowledge regarding the procedure, what it would entail, and how long the results would take to take shape. After his initial appointment, Gareth left KSL Clinic Ltd in Maidstone feeling at “ease with everything.”

He went on to say “my hair means a lot to me so I have mixed feelings at the minute – it’s a big thing but it’ll definitely be worth it.  “I’m excited to get it done and lose all that self-consciousness about my hair thinning.”

When asked what he hoped for after the procedure Gareth said: “I’ve always wanted long hair, but I’ll be happy with dense, thick hair with a better hairline – maybe I’ll even go back to my spiky days.”

“The hardest thing for men is actually getting through the doors into somewhere like this and admitting you have something you’re not happy with.”

“Women have their lips done, faces lifted or boobs done and this now is the new thing for men and I don’t think there should be any shame about it.”

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