Joe Swash undergoes 3rd hair transplant at KSL

Ahead of filming the next series of the ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ spin off show ‘Extra Camp’ later on in the year, Joe Swash recently underwent his 3rd hair transplant at KSL Clinic.

It’s been well documented about Joe’s visit to our clinic … read more  It seems Stacey is more than supportive and we loved having Joe in the clinic. He was his ever the cheeky chap and made other patients laugh even whilst going through his own surgery.




Manchester clinic achieves stringent CQC status

Our newly opened clinic in Manchester has achieved CQC status after following their detailed and stringent application process.


The Care Quality Commission exists to ensure health and social care services across the UK are regulated, inspected and monitored. CQC ‘We monitor, inspect and regulate health and social care services. We publish what we find, including ratings to help people choose care.’

Lloyd Hume Director and Owner of KSL Clinic Ltd says ‘We’re delighted to have been awarded our approved status for our Manchester clinic from CQC. CQC operate very strict regulatory services over the health and social care services in the UK and we’re delighted to have been awarded their approval from our expansion clinic. It is further testament to our team and surgeons of the high standards in which they operate daily.’






Chloe Goodman brings her new boyfriend, footballer Grant Hall, to KSL Hair Maidstone…

We were lucky enough to be some of the first in the know about Chloe Goodman’s new relationship with English Professional footballer and QPR player Grant Hall.

Chloe and Grant arrived at KSL Hair all loved up, hand in hand, ready for Grant’s hair transplant. With a break in the session it’s a prime time for KSL Hair to treat professional footballers.

Grant joins the list of professional footballers who have been through KSL doors this month, including Preston North End FC, Championship player Tommy Spurr, Oxford United’s Simon Eastwood and Sheffield Wednesdays Jake Kean.

Grant has been incredibly aware of his hairline in recent months and he wanted to get it fixed. It was a relatively small procedure and one that is common in young man who want to fix the situation before it gets worse.

Chloe was by his side and very supportive. Grant arrived a little anxious, as we normally experience with patients but as soon as the KSL doctors and technicians put him at ease he relaxed.

We’re delighted for Chloe and Grant, can’t wait to see Grant’s results over the coming months and for their relationship to flourish.

See it in the news:







Professional footballers in a plenty…

Preston North End FC, Championship player Tommy Spurr visited KSL Hair Clinic Maidstone today (Tuesday 15th May) for his hair transplant, what a nice guy he was and we can’t wait to start seeing his results over the coming months.

@tommyturtle14 approached KSL Clinic earlier this year to discuss his hair restoration needs and with the close season break it’s a perfect time for him to sort his hairline.

He’s not the only professional footballer visiting the Maidstone clinic this week either, with Oxford United’s Simon Eastwood and Sheffield Wednesdays Jake Kean we’ve got a busy week ahead!

Director and Owner Lloyd Hume says:Due to our continued success of delivering great results, we have had an unprecedented number of footballers book their procedures with The KSL Clinic this year. All the footballers know each other and when the see the positive results of fellow team mates coming through, it makes their decision to book with us very easy. We will be announce some other exciting household names over the coming weeks.’





Gareth Gates: The story so far

Having risen to fame after reaching the final stages of 2002’s talent show Pop Idol, Gareth Gates, became famous for his hair and in particular his impressive spikes, which earned him a deal with hair giants Wella.

Since, Pop Idol, Gareth has carved out a career as a successful performer on both stage and screen; however over time, he started to notice a marked deterioration in the thickness and health of his hair.

“I’m not bald, but I am quite conscious about my hairline and the fitness of my hair.” He went on to say; “It’s only been fairly recently that my hair has really started to get me down a bit and I’ve been really self conscious about it – the past year or so.”

Gareth has most recently been touring the UK in the musical Footloose, and says that he has been wearing hats due to anxiety regarding his hair.

“I’m constantly on stage and so image is a big, big thing for me and I have to look my best.”

With dented confidence and a drive to boost his stage career, Gareth became committed to doing something about his hair. Despite conducting a huge amount of research online regarding hair treatments and his varying options, Gareth still felt uncomfortable with the stigma and process involved with having a hair transplant. It was only after walking through the doors of KSL Clinic Maidstone that Gareth “started to feel comfortable and relaxed with the idea”.

Gareth admits that he was “quite nervous and agitated about the thought of having a hair transplant,” but that most of his concerns stemmed from a lack of knowledge regarding the procedure, what it would entail, and how long the results would take to take shape. After his initial appointment, Gareth left KSL Clinic Ltd in Maidstone feeling at “ease with everything.”

He went on to say “my hair means a lot to me so I have mixed feelings at the minute – it’s a big thing but it’ll definitely be worth it.  “I’m excited to get it done and lose all that self-consciousness about my hair thinning.”

When asked what he hoped for after the procedure Gareth said: “I’ve always wanted long hair, but I’ll be happy with dense, thick hair with a better hairline – maybe I’ll even go back to my spiky days.”

“The hardest thing for men is actually getting through the doors into somewhere like this and admitting you have something you’re not happy with.”

“Women have their lips done, faces lifted or boobs done and this now is the new thing for men and I don’t think there should be any shame about it.”

Now six months on from his treatment, Gareth’s results have been incredible.


While (to the disappointment of many fans) the famous spikes haven’t returned, Gareth’s hair looks thicker, fuller and he is brimming with confidence. Gareth said to his followers, “How good is my new hair!? So happy with it- Thanks KSL.” Director of KSL Hair, Lloyd Hume went on to say “We are thrilled with Gareth’s results, he was very anxious when he first arrived at the clinic, but has left feeling back to his best, which is the feeling we want everyone to leave with when using us. Gareth shared his results after four months, and his results were great. Six months on, and we are extremely happy with the results that we have achieved for Gareth. I am very satisfied that we have been able to deliver the confidence boost Gareth was looking for when he first walked through the doors of KSL Hair.”




Confidence continues to grow for Vinod

Remember Gurkha Vinod Budhathoki? We shared his story a year ago when he first started his treatment with KSL Hair. The wounded veteran who served with Prince Harry in Afghanistan, was looking to regain his confidence in preparation for the the Paralymipc games. He has shared his results a year on, and they are incredible. 
Gurkha Vinod Budhathoki had worried for years about the hair loss that came as a result of the stress and medication after he was blown up in battle. The 32-year-old Rifleman lost both legs and three fingers on his right hand when he was hit by a Taliban bomb whilst serving in Afganistan in 2010. After 7 years, Vinod, who lives in Maidstone decided to do something about it. When he came across KSL and went for a consultation. Vinod had scars on his scalp from the bomb blast, and although there is no 100% guarantee when working on scars, we were sure we could still get him excellent coverage.
And we were right! Look at the incredible results that Vinod has achieved with KSL Hair. ​
A year on, Vinod’s scar is barely visible and amazing coverage has been achieved! With his new found confidence Vinod is continuing to compete in a variety of sporting events including the Paralympics and Invictus Games, and remains an injured but never defeated, warrior ready for anything!




Jake Quickenden: Don’t Skate Around Hair Loss

It has been a busy year for Jake Quickenden, having won Dancing on Ice earlier this week. Once again the reality star has spoken out about his hair transplant and how it has changed his life after “years of insecurities.” ‘On KSL Clinic Ltd Jake had to say:  “they were great, professional and really put me at ease and I am delighted with how it has turned out!”

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Brian Mcfadden: Uptown Curls

Singer Brian McFadden came to KSL Clinic Ltd in February, having decided to do something about his thinning, receding hairline. The former Westlife star said that his “lifestyle and general life stress” had damaged his hair and that this had been making him “self conscious and uncomfortable.” During his procedure Brian took to social media to share the multi-staged process with his fans, tweeting:

“No point bullsh*tting. People should not be embarrassed about getting your hair done. It’s just moving hair from the back of your head to the front.”

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Gareth Gates: Spirit in the Spikes…

Since undergoing the procedure at KSL Clinic Ltd, Maidstone, four months ago, Gareth Gates has taken to social media to share his incredible results. The famous spikes of the noughties may not have returned, but Gareth’s hair is thicker, fuller and healthier.

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