Grant Hall new beau to Chloe Goodman visits KSL Clinic Ltd Maidstone

We were lucky enough to be some of the first in the know about Chloe Goodman’s new relationship with English Professional footballer and QPR player Grant Hall. Read more here…

Chloe and Grant arrived at KSL Hair all loved up, hand in hand, ready for Grant’s hair transplant. With a break in the session it’s a prime time for KSL Hair to treat professional footballers.

Grant has been incredibly aware of his hairline in recent months and he wanted to get it fixed. It was a relatively small procedure and one that is common in young man who want to fix the situation before it gets worse.

Chloe was by his side and very supportive. Grant arrived a little anxious, as we normally experience with patients but as soon as the KSL doctors and technicians put him at ease he relaxed.

We’re delighted for Chloe and Grant, can’t wait to see Grant’s results over the coming months and for their relationship to flourish.


TOWIE’s Mike Hassini


Alex Beattie – Love Island celeb


Jordan Rhodes, International Footballer and Championship Club Sheffield Wednesday

“The service KSL Hair supplied was excellent. With the help at the Manchester clinic I was able to get the due care and attention I needed. Lloyd and Andrew were both very helpful, not only getting booked in with very little fuss but both pre and post surgery advice and aftercare too. Going into the procedure I was a little anxious but everyone at KSL had all the knowledge to put my mind at ease and I’m now looking forward to seeing the final outcome.”


Gareth Gates, Singer

“The hardest thing for men is actually getting through the doors into somewhere like KSL, and admitting you have something you’re not happy with. I was quite nervous and agitated about the thought of having a hair transplant, but they educated me about the procedure and what it would entail and make me feel at ease with everything. I’m so happy with it – and I’m only four months in!”

Jamie Reed, Reality TV Star

Jake Quickenden, former X-Factor and I’m A Celeb star

Jake tells Hello Magazine about his hair transplant results read more…

“I haven’t saved the world doing this, I’ve just done something for myself, to sort an insecurity out…For 5 years I was counting hairs on my pillow, thinking, is it falling out? And I was just really paranoid about it. If I was going on a night out, it would take me ages because I’d think, does it look like I’m receding? … I’m just happy I’ve gone through with it. For me, it was never really an issue saying I’d had it done, because I’m not really bothered. I don’t care what they think, it’s sorting it out for me and my insecurities.”

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