Why Cleaning Hair Tools is Important and How to Do It

When we use hair tools on our luscious locks, it’s to make our hair look even better than it already is, right?

Believe it or not, if you aren’t cleaning these essential tools regularly you may be putting your hair at more risk of breakage. The build up of products on these items can cause some long lasting damage, so it’s important that you take care of your hair tools as well as your locks!

So what tools do we need to worry about and how do we clean them?

Hairy Hairbrush

You’ve probably already noticed the build up of hair on your hairbrush, but did you know that there is build up of oils, dust, old hair spray and germs just waiting to be transferred to your hair too? Think about the last time you cleaned your hairbrush and then think about how much build up there must be! Do you really want to brush that onto your beautiful hair? No, we didn’t think you would.

Attractive woman combing her hair

To clean your hair brush, take a long, thin item such as a tailed comb or a pair of scissors and slip it under the layer of hair on the brush. Gently pull the hair up so that it loosens away from the bristles of the brush and pull it off with your hand.

Fill up a tub of warm water and mix in some gentle shampoo. Let your brushes soak for a while to break down the product and oil build up on the bristles and then let them air dry.

Clean Your Curling Irons

When curling or straightening your hair we’re willing to bet (or at least hoping) that you protect your hair with products before subjecting your locks to the high heat.

This protecting product can build up on your curling and straightening tools and cause your hair to burn and become damaged and dry.

Close of Hair Straightener


To clean them, make sure that they are off and completely cool before wetting a cloth with water and rubbing over the surfaces of the tools to get rid of the build up which can usually be easily seen. Make sure that the tool is completely dry before using again.

Remember- never dip your electrical tools in water as this will damage the tool and is extremely dangerous to do.

Blow out your Hair Dryer

The vent of your hair dryer will have collected dirt and lint from the air while it has been in use, and in order to keep your dryer from overheating and working safely and effectively.

To clean this vent, find out how to remove the vent (most models will have an option to do this) and use an old toothbrush or a cotton bud to remove the build up. Give the vent a quick rinse and leave to dry.

hairdressers tools

It might also be beneficial to wipe down the nozzle attachments to get rid of any product which may have built up on there, too.

The more that we look out for our hair, the better condition it will be in for years to come and this doesn’t just stop at making sure we clean and care for our hair on a daily basis. All the tools that we use on our locks should be cared for too so that they can do their job in making our hair healthy and looking incredible.

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