The Truth Behind Thinning Hair in Women

Most women would love to have a full head of thick and healthy hair; but this isn’t always possible. Whilst we all notice hair in our brush or in the drain of our showers, some people begin to notice amounts that definitely isn’t normal.

Whilst men tend to lose their hair more regularly, it’s still something that affects hundreds of women every year.

Our recent infographic offered some fantastic advice for styling thinning hair. From haircuts to hairstyles, it gives a rundown of some of the best ways to create the look of thicker hair.

But what causes thinning hair in the first place?

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Androgenetic alopecia is the same given to hair loss that is hereditary. This is when your hair loss can be attributed to your parent’s genes. You can inherit it from either your mum or dad’s side of the family. If both have history of hair loss, it’s more than likely that you will too.

For women, early signs will be thinning of the hairline towards the front of the head. However, it could quickly spread across the whole of the scalp. There isn’t any minimum age that this may begin to happen, with some women noticing their thin whilst in their early 20s.


Physical stress can also be reason for why women start to notice their hair thinning or falling out. Whether it’s because you’ve been in an accident, or you’ve recently had a serious illness or due to pregnancy; these are just some of the stress related events that can trigger hair loss. This type of hair loss is referred to as “Telogen Effluvium.”

A normal hair cycle has a growth, rest and shedding phrase. When you experience a particularly stressful event, the cycle suffers a shock. This can push the hair cycle straight into the shedding phase. However, it might not be noticeable for a few months after the stressful event.

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Hair loss can be a symptom of a specific illness or disease, or it can be something that happens because you’re suffering from a certain condition. For example, a lot of women suffer from thyroid disease. You can be diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (when your body doesn’t produce enough of the hormone), or you can be diagnosed with an overactive thyroid (when your body produces too much). This hormone is responsible for the growth of your hair; so an unbalance can cause a lot of problems.


If you’re suffering from thinning hair, we can help you out.

At KSL, we don’t believe that you have to sit back and let nature take its course. With our fantastic laser hair restoration services, we can help target and treat thinning hair.

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