The Hair Loss Myth Buster

Hair loss is a very common problem that can be caused by a number of different reasons; from hormonal changes to stress and more serious medical conditions. Hair loss can result in more than just a change in your appearance; many people can feel unhappy, embarrassed and even ashamed of losing their hair.


If you have experienced hair loss then you’ll probably be aware that there are a few myths out there about it. We have therefore decided to provide you with the hair loss myth buster that will help you to separate fact from fiction:

“Baldness Comes from Your Mother’s Side”

We’ve all heard this quotation and it’s very easy to blame your mum for it, but this is a MYTH. Your hair is determined by both sides of the family; you will have a mixture of your parent’s hair genes. Take a look at both sides of your family history to see if there is a pattern of hair loss.

“Treating Your Hair Badly MAY Cause Hair Loss”

This one is a FACT. If you often overwork your hair with harsh chemicals such as dye and heat you can weaken it your hair causing it to break easily. It isn’t likely to result in permanent hair loss, but can damage its appearance. So why not give your hair a rest each month to help your hair to recover?

“Wearing Hats Causes Baldness”

Whilst wearing hats can result in unsightly hat hair, it is a MYTH that it causes baldness. Your hat would have to be extremely tight for it to cause any significant damage – although we don’t recommend that you wear a hat all of the time! A few strands may come off with it when you remove your hat, but this is only natural. Extreme hair loss may be caused by another reason all together.

“Pulling Out Grey Hairs Causes Permanent Hair Loss”

Constantly pulling out hair can result in hair loss – commonly known as traction alopecia – however pulling out a hair every now and then is unlikely to cause permanent hair loss. Be careful though, if you find that you are constantly pulling out hair you could be damaging your hair follicles.

“Hair Loss is Your Fault”

Hair loss is NOT your fault, even if you have experienced traction alopecia or have damaged your hair. It is often caused by genetics or other medical conditions, and this is why it is important to see a specialist if you notice hair loss or hair thinning.

If you are concerned about your hair, please give us a call, we specialise in hair replacement in Glasgow and provide services throughout Scotland. We are always happy to help so why not give us a call on 0141 2486 603.

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