The Biggest Hair Care Myths: Busted by The Professionals (Part Two)

We recently started a guide that aimed to debunk some of the most common and strangest myths that exist about hair care. As specialists of hair extensions in Glasgow, we have heard them all. Whether it’s believing that by plucking a grey hair you’ll grow ten more or that you must shampoo twice – a lot of these are just things that have been passed around for decades yet have little truth to them.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for part two, then today is your lucky day. We’re back to provide more answers to some of the biggest hair care myths.

hairdressers tools6. MYTH: You should brush your hair 100 times a day to stimulate circulation in the scalp

People believe that by brushing their hair 100 times a day, they are stimulating circulation in the scalp and therefore creating natural oils. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove that over brushing your hair does anything other than causing friction in the scalp which can lead to your hair snapping and further damage.

The Answer: You should only brush your hair when you want to detangle or when styling. You shouldn’t use a brush on wet hair, a wide tooth comb is much better for you

7. MYTH: You should lather, rinse and then repeat for healthier hair

The idea that you should shampoo your hair twice each wash has been a hair care myth that has been around forever. The fact it, too much shampoo is bad for your hair and therefore you should only apply it once.

The Answer: Just wash your hair once with shampoo when you’re in the shower, this should be enough to leave it looking fresh and healthy.

Woman washing her hair8. MYTH: Sleeping with your hair down will make it grow

We’re not sure where this one started, but it’s one of the oldest hair care myths. People believe that by sleeping with their hair down, they are giving their scalp room to breathe and therefore it will grow quicker. This definitely isn’t true! In fact, it’s the opposite; sleeping with your hair down is bad for your hair as it causes tangles which can be horrid to brush in the morning. It can also give you bad skin due to the oils rubbing onto your skin.

The Answer: You should sleep with your hair tied into a loose bun as this will keep it out of your face and keep it from getting tangled.

…. To Be Continued (because there are so many more myths)


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