Summer Hair Care: Keeping Your Hair in Good Condition Throughout Summer

The appearance of the sun and heat might get us all excited in summer, but unfortunately it isn’t always so pleasant to our hair.

The high temperatures and humidity can often leave hair looking and feeling dry, frizzy and brittle. No matter how much products are put on it, it’s just impossible to maintain and style.  It also doesn’t matter whether you have short, long, thick, or thin hair – all hair types can suffer from exposure to heat.

Follow our tips and advice for keeping your hair looking and feeling great this summer.


Go natural

Your hair is already being exposed to heat on a daily basis, so it makes no sense to subject it to even more. Skip drying your hair after a shower – it should dry pretty quickly anyway. You should also avoid using heat products on it every day; skip the straighteners in favour of a natural wavy hair style. Just think – the frizz is more likely to stand out on hair that has previously been straight.

Embrace quick and easy hair styles

If you’ve decided to take our advice and stick to natural hair, you might be looking for quick and easy hair styles to keep it looking controlled and neat. You don’t want to be sticking it into a super complicated and slicked back style; it will only end up coming apart from the heat. We suggest putting your hair into a simple but chic loose bun or plait – they are easy to do and will keep your hair looking good without using products.



Introduce deep conditioning treatments

Whilst deep conditioning treatments are beneficial anytime of the year, it’s extremely important to use them during the summer. You should find one that is best for your hair type, as there are many to choose from. After shampooing your hair, you should apply the treatment and leave it on for the recommended time – usually anytime up to 30 minutes (although some suggest leaving on overnight). After rinsing with cold water (yup it’s better for your hair), comb through your hair carefully. This should be repeated at least once a week during summer.

Get your hair trimmed regularly

We think that getting your hair trimmed regularly is an important hair care tip no matter what the time of the year, but it’s a must in summer if you are to keep your hair in healthy condition. We suggest getting it trimmed every 6 weeks, so that all the dead hair is taken off and it is given the chance to grow healthily.


We all want our hair to look amazing, especially during the summer. Why don’t you make your hair look extra beautiful this summer by treating yourself to some hair extensions? Here at KSL, we provide some of the best hair extensions in Glasgow – helping your hair look the best it has in ages.

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