Looking After Your Hair Through The Autumn.

The autumn and winter months can really take its toll on the condition of your hair. If you’re thinking that you can just resolve the problem with a hat, well you don’t have to. With our top tips on how to help your hair handle this cold season, you can style and show your hair off without a problem.

Top tips for great har in Autumn from KSL - Hair Restoration Specialists
Autumn Hair Problems
Flying hair, dry scalp and styling issues are all major problems when the weather gets a bit chillier, but one of biggest hair monsters is the dry brittle feeling. This is because the moisture in the cool air is extremely low, so when you go from the cold outside to the toasty inside, your hair doesn’t look…the best.

Damaged Hair Cuticles

Heat and friction in general damages your hair, so imagine straightening your hair then going out in 2 degree chills; a hat couldn’t even save this look. This combination interferes with the natural form and science of the growth of your hair and in turn gives a dry and brittle look and feel, leaving the hair cuticles damaged.

To save your poor hair before it’s too late, the solution is simple. Simply use a rich conditioning treatment which makes hair cuticles much smoother. Another solution is to add a few drops of hair care oil into your shampoo, or just smooth the oil through the ends of your hair, which will give your hair that extra shine and sparkle.

Aid Hair Care Oil to your shampoo -Top tips for great hair in Autumn from KSL - Hair Restoration Specialists
Fly Away Hair vs. Hat?
Fly away hair is caused from going from the outside to the inside and coming in contact with fibres of clothes, hats or scarves, which makes electric static. You can get many types of products to rectify this problem, such as a simple styling mousse, hair oil or a glossy wax. These can help smooth down the hair and stop fly-away hairs.

Get great hair in Autumn - Top Tips from KSL - Hair Clinics in Glasgow, Kent and Cardiff

Wearing a hat in the winter or autumn can be an easy solution to all these hair problems and can keep your ears and head all snug. But what’s the point in styling your hair if you’re going to get hat hair? And no one wants hat hair. Use a volumising spray on your hair after blow-drying. A salt spray can work equally as well. This helps keep your hair fresh and in place, but don’t forget to take it in your bag to give a re-spray after taking your hat off.
As the temperature gets colder and the winds get quicker, your hair becomes less compromising. A little extra TLC is needed through these months. As much as we wish we could have summer beach waves all year round, it’s just not possible. Look after your hair, and it will look after you.

For some people, their hair needs a little more than simple styling choices. Premature hair loss is something that happens to men and women across the country every day. At KSL, we offer hair replacement surgery that helps to turn back the time for your hair.

For any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with KSL, or pop in for a free hair consultation. We would be happy to help, with all your hair dilemmas and desires!



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