Hairstyles That Could be Damaging Your Hair

If you’ve recently noticed that your hair has started to thin or you’ve even discovered that it’s beginning to fall out, it could be because of the way that you wear your hair.

Whilst we all love a high ponytail or some stylish braids, they could be causing some serious damage to your hair. In fact, there are several hairstyles that directly affect the health of your hair.

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Some of these hairstyles aren’t so easy to identify either; they could be everyday looks that you do for the simplicity of them.

A Wet Updo

It can be extremely tempting to just put your hair up after it’s been washed; drying takes far too long right? Unfortunately, this habit could be making your hair fall out without you even noticing. Wet hair is definitely a lot more fragile than dry hair; it easily snaps off or splits. This is made worse when tied up – you should always leave it to air dry or if you’re off out, you will need to dry it completely.

Tight Braids

We love braids! There are lots of different ways in which you can braid your hair; it can turn nightmare hair into something clean and stylish. However, if you insist on wearing tight braids, your hair could be suffering. They cause wear and tear on your hair strands – especially for those who have thin hair. If you start to notice hair falling out of the braid, it could be because these strands have already started to break off.

Hair Plait


Backcombing is perfect for those who have lifeless hair and are looking for a little more volume. Whilst it can look good, it’s not very healthy for the hair. By teasing your hair strands to produce that much wanted volume, you’re actually creating a bunch of nasty tangles in the hair. These are impossible to brush out and you’ll notice most of your hair ends up on the brush.

Tight Buns

Popping your hair into a stylish bun can be a lifesaver on a bad hair day, but it could actually be making your hair a lot worse off. Buns can cause traction alopecia – something a lot of professional ballerinas suffer from. This is due to the way that the hairstyle pulls at your roots – it’s much better to style it in a loose bun!

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