Hair Transplant Recovery Tips

KSL are proud to be experts in hair transplants, offering Follicle Unit Extraction, a procedure that aims to restore your hair back to its natural beauty.

As well as carrying out the transplant so it’s safe, reliable and high quality, our job is also to provide you with the very best aftercare advice. We want all of our clients to recover from their hair transplant surgery in the safest and “most complications free” way!

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If you’ve recently had the surgery or you’re simply curious about the recovery period, we’ve put together some of our expert tips to help you out.

Elevate Your Head

Following the transplant, it’s essential that you try and keep your head elevated. This is to avoid any swelling happening to your scalp. When it comes to sleeping in the evening, you should add an extra pillow or two for your head. You should avoid bending over or leaning forward, or excessively blowing your nose.

Avoid Exercise

Exercise should be avoided during the initial recovery period. This is because the excess sweat produced during exercise could actually cause an infection. It’s definitely advisable to avoid it for at least a week, with most people resuming their normal exercise routine after 3 weeks. Patience is the key!

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Don’t Drink Alcohol

As well as exercise, drinking alcohol is also a huge no-no after you’ve had hair transplant surgery. Not only does it affect the blood supply to your head, it can also stop or delay the healing process. It’s advised to lay off the booze for at least a week or two.

Expect Some Hair Loss

In the first couple of weeks after having a hair transplant, you’ll begin to notice some of your hair falling out. This is absolutely nothing to be worried about – it’s completely normal and to be expected. It’s simply the follicles which are transplanted. These will then go on to heal and produce brand new hair.

Take Care of Your Scar

Taking care of your scar is probably one of the most important pieces of advice that you can be given after hair transplant surgery. Your surgeon will give you treatment to apply to the scar, as well as recommend which medication is the best to take. Whilst you should avoid getting your hair wet within the first 24 hours, washing your scar will become an essential job to keep it nice and healthy.

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To find out more about hair transplant surgery, or to ask us any questions about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 0800 023 4050 or find us over on Twitter.


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