Hair Loss Secrets from Around the World

Hair loss — it happens to the very best of us; men, women, children and even the family dog. According to the NHS, hair loss affects around half of men and around 40% of women in the UK. While some see hair loss as a rite of passage, others find the notion dispiriting and humiliating. They search for treatments and eventually run out of ideas. If your hair care inspiration is running a little thin, here are some secrets used by different people from around the world.

Hair loss affects men, women, children all aroud the world.  KSL

West Africa

To the western world, soap is used only for washing your hands or in the bubble bath. However West Africans have been known to use a treatment known as black soap, which is meant to prevent hair loss by being massaged into the scalp. It’s made from native African vegetation, such as the cocoa plant and shea tree bark.


It might once have been Morocco’s best kept hair secret, but now argan oil lines the hair care shelves as the latest craze in hair care products. What consumers might not know is that, as well as keeping your hair clean and moisturised, argan oil actually contains agents that can support hair growth and prevent loss. The oil, which comes from tree kernels, can be used both for food and cosmetic purposes. Argan oil comes in a variety of oils, soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

Argan oil with fruits - Great for reducing hair loss - KSL


In Jamaica, the sunshine’s hot, and there’s rarely a cloud in the sky, so the natives had to find a way to keep their head protected, while preventing hair loss. What’s their secret? The humble but prickly cactus. Typically, the cactus is peeled for its natural oils, which are then used in place of shampoo and/or conditioner.

So there you have it. Three not-so-well-kept secrets from around the globe. Why not give them a shot? You never know, it might make a world of difference.

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