Hair Care Treatments from Around the World

If there’s one thing that we all have in common around the world, it is that we all have hair; its look and texture varies from country to country, from culture to culture, from person to person. There are many natural hair care treatments throughout the world, and as suppliers of natural hair extensions in Glasgow that is something that we’ve decided to take a look at!

We’re not saying that these treatments will work, and always do a tester before using any new hair care treatments to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction.

Australia – Eucalyptus Oil


In Australia eucalyptus oil is used to maintain healthy, shiny hair and prevent dandruff! This oil is often found in shampoo or can be used directly on the scalp. Eucalyptus oil is believed to strengthen hair follicles and calm itchy scalps. Its natural chemical compounds work to stimulate the hair follicles. Despite all the positives of the oil, leaving this oil in the hair too long can result in greasiness and even damage the hair.

Colombia – Egg Whites


Women from Colombia have used egg whites as a part of their hair care routine for many years. Traditionally 2 egg whites are mashed together with avocado then it is applied to the hair for around quarter of an hour. It is used as a shampoo to cleanse and strengthen the hair whilst helping to tame frizz and aid the detangling process. Hair should be conditioned and rinsed after application.

Italy – Olive Oil


Olive oil is a huge part of Mediterranean culture; it is used in food, health products and, of course, hair care. Olive oil is applied to the hair to give it a healthy and attractive shine during the washing process. Olive oil is full of natural antioxidants that help to keep the scalp dandruff free and in a healthy condition.

India – Coconut Oil


Coconut oil as a part of hair care has become a huge part of hair care, but has been used in India throughout history. Coconut oil is used to soft thick hair and provides it with the essential moisture that it needs. The oil is heated and gently massaged into the scalp – only a small amount is used or the hair can develop a greasy sheen. This can also be used as a deep conditioner and left over night then rinsed off in the morning – plus it smells beautiful!

These are only a few of the many fabulous hair care secrets from across the world; there are many more than this to explore and experiment with, but remember to do so with care and do a skin test first!

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