Feel Like Your Hair Is Too Thin To Style? Think Again! Hair Styling Tips From The Professionals (Part 2)

As leaders in hair restoration in Glasgow we know that the best non-surgical approach to treating hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems is laser hair therapy. It increases blood supply to the scalp, stimulates hair follicles and prevents further hair loss. When combined with the proper hair and scalp products, DHT Blockers and Minoxidil, it is an effective treatment for hair loss.

However, there are a few short-term things that you can do to create the illusion of thicker hair. Nothing is quite on par with the real thing, but here are some of our tips on making your hair look a little more voluminous.

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Experiment with Different Styles

The first way you can make your hair look a little thicker is to work against your natural parting and flip your hair to the other side. It will cause hair to sit higher on your head and stop it being flat, especially if you have lots of layers cut in.

When it comes to styling opt for mousse, instead of using heavy wax or gel that will weigh your hair down, to give yourself a lift at the roots.

If your hair is long enough, plait it and then pull one of the strands upwards to loosen it and make your braid look thicker.

Look After the Condition of Your Hair

Healthy looking hair will always look thicker than hair that’s a bit dry and drab, as it naturally holds more volume. In order to get your barnet in tip top shape, avoid using too many heated appliances, such as a hair dryer. Over-stretching your hair by over-drying will take the natural volume and elasticity out of your hair. If you do need to use a heated appliance then make sure you use heat protection spray to avoid causing damage.

While your hair is wet, avoid brushing too harshly or towel-drying too vigorously as human hair is three times weaker when moist. Therefore, it’s easy to snap and cause damage, inadvertently making it thinner.

The best way of keeping your hair in a good condition is leaving it to dry naturally or gently patting it dry to give it more texture.

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Think About Your Colour

Having one colour will make your hair flat, whereas having different shades will give the illusion of volume. Ask your hairdresser to put in highlights or lowlights to add some texture to your locks.

Thin or thinning hair is a common problem for women and is a source of embarrassment and frustration for those who suffer. If you’ve tried every trick in the book but still feel like your hair needs some extra volume, laser hair therapy is the best non-surgical solution out there.

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