For the attention of KSL Medical Scotland based patients

The KSL Clinic Ltd and KSL Medical are completely separate business entities. Simon Lindsay resigned as a director from The KSL Clinic in September 2017 and has no shareholding or interest in the KSL Clinic Ltd. The links between KSL Medical and KSL Clinic Ltd have previously only been the joint website and social media platforms. Due to uncertainty of KSL Medical’s ability to provide its services, The KSL Clinic Ltd has decided to sever this link to provide its own patients with complete clarity and peace of mind.

Contrary to our previous statement we have been informed that KSL Medical in Scotland is currently still a trading company and that a helpline has been setup for all patients who have surgeries booked or are post procedure. Enquiries for KSL Medical can only be dealt with directly by KSL Medical and the Scottish business. KSL Medical have issued a statement on http://www.kslmed.co.uk/ and they have also provided a helpline number 0141 3530738 and an email address info@kslmedical.co.uk for contact. The KSL Clinic does not hold any patient information or notes so is unable to provide any guidance or advise.

Any patients that have had procedures at KSL Medical that were carried out by Dr Ullah and Dr Alam in Scotland within the last 12 months are encouraged to contact the Kent team who can arrange a 12 month post procedure review as part of their ongoing duty of care. We cannot help or advise patients that have not been operated on by any other surgeon.

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