Are You Wedding Confident? Female Hair Loss & Treatments Available (Part 2)

Whether you’re the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest, weddings are happy occasions for everyone involved. However, for women suffering from hair loss it can feel like you’re the centre of attention for the wrong reasons, not because you’re the bride.

Here at KSL, we specialise in hair replacement in Glasgow, so we know that thinning tresses aren’t just something suffered by men nor are they something that you can just forget about. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Following on from our short guide of tips for men, we’ve put together some more pointers that women out there may find helpful. You’ll be basking in confidence at any weddings you’re attending for the rest of this season.


Female Pattern Baldness

What is it?

Women who lose their hair through pattern baldness experience different areas of hair loss than men. Even though it happens for much the same reason, it causes hair to thin on the crown of the scalp and the front hairline mostly remains unaffected.

It happens in the same way as it does males – each strand of hair sits in a follicle, but over time these begin to shrink resulting in shorter, finer hair. There comes a point when the follicle stops growing new hair.

However, it isn’t fully understood why baldness occurs in women. It is believed to be related to ageing, change in hormones, or family history.

Who Gets It?

There is no known prevention for female pattern baldness, so it can happen to anybody. It’s not usually a sign of an underlying medical disorder, although it can result in a lack of self-esteem and cause anxiety.

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If you’re dreading an upcoming wedding – your own or otherwise – there are ways to help you to get your spark back, so you can stop worrying!

Hair Transplants

This process involves replacing each individual hair on your scalp from follicles across other parts of your body. Although it sounds time consuming, it can all be done in one day so doesn’t require multiple appointments. It’s also not a surgical operation, so you don’t need any downtime.

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Laser Hair Therapy

This non-surgical, scientific approach to treatment of hair loss and scalp problems is medically tested and proven to be safe and effective.

Laser hair therapy uses soft, low light level lasers that stimulate hair follicles and increases hair strength and elasticity.

Hair Extensions

Using human hair extensions can make your locks appear fuller and thicker. Opt for a company that uses virgin hair (in its natural, untreated state) to make sure you are buying the best quality.

For more information about any of our services, contact us on 0141 248 6603 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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