Are You the Perfect Hair Transplant Candidate?

Whether you’ve just started to notice an increased hair loss on a daily basis or you’ve been suffering with hair loss for a while, undergoing a procedure such as a FUE hair transplant may have already crossed your mind.

While you may think that you are the perfect candidate for a hair transplant because of the amount of hair that you have lost, there are many different aspects that specialists need to take into consideration when deciding if a hair transplant is suitable for you.

Hair loss treatment - are you a suitable candidate for hair transplants?

Your Scalp

The condition of your scalp is integral in the success of your hair transplant, so one of the first things your hair restoration specialist will look for is any scalp issues that may hinder your new hair being able to grow properly.

The tightness of your scalp is something that can greatly affect whether your hair treatment will be a complete success. The general rule is that the looser your scalp is the easier it will be to perform the transplant, and therefore should yield more successful results.

Tight scalps create a lot of pressure on the follicles, which can make it difficult for the surgeons to transplant the new ones into the scalp. Even if they are transplanted correctly, the guarantee that the follicles will be successful due to the pressure exerted on them.

The Amount of Hair You Still Have

As the hair transplant process will rely on you having some hairs already on your head, it is important that you’re able to provide enough hair for the transplant. The thickness and amount of hair that you have left is something that your consultant will check on during your first consultation.

Hair transplant - Conditions needed to be a suitable and successful hair transplant candidate.

They will also determine how many grafts will need to be taken to give you a result that is the closest to what you want. This will also depend on the amount and quality of the hair that you have available.

All these aspects will be discussed with you during your initial meeting with your hair specialist, who will help you decide on the perfect  solution for your hair loss. If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch with us here at KSL today – we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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