5 Ways to Protect Your Hair as You Sleep

Don’t you just hate watching a movie in which the female star wakes up from a sleep with perfectly styled hair? In reality, it’s very rare to wake up with anything other than a frustrating case of bed hair. Frizzy, mangled, knotted – it looks nothing like it did when you went to bed!

However, it doesn’t have to be a daily struggle to get gorgeous hair in the morning. There are certain night time routines that you can carry out that will ensure that hair is a lot easier to manage. As well as saving you time in the morning, these night time hair care tricks can also protect your hair from damage as you sleep.

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Which of these do you already do?

Brush Hair Before Bed

A lot of people avoid brushing their hair before going to bed. This is because after a full day of being exposed to the elements outside, brushing hair can be a real nightmare. However, it’s a lot better than having to brush out the tangles after a night’s sleep. One of the best ways to protect your hair whilst asleep – and to avoid it looking like a birds nest in the morning – is to de-tangle all the knots before you go to sleep. Brush from the ends first and work your way up to the roots.

Make Sure Hair is Fully Dry

Washing your hair before bed? Don’t even think about going to bed with wet hair. Although it’s the easy option, it can be really bad for your hair! Wet hair is delicate and therefore is far more prone to frizzing, breaking and snapping. Sleeping with wet hair leads to a lot of split ends. Don’t take a risk with your hair – make sure it’s fully dry before bed.

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Apply Oil

Applying oil to the ends of your hair can give it some much needed protection for during the night. This doesn’t need to be done every week, but it can definitely be done at least once a week. Using a coconut oil treatment, you should saturate your hair from roots to the ends. Put your hair into a loose bun whilst you sleep and then wash it off in the morning! You’ll love how shiny it looks!

Plait Hair Before Bed

Putting your hair into a loose plait can be one of the best ways to protect your hair whilst you sleep. This contains your hair during the night, stopping it from breaking and getting tangled up. It can also be a brilliant way to give your waves without having to use heat! Choose whatever type of plait you like – whether it’s one, two or all over!


Sleep on Satin or Silk

Have you heard the benefits of sleeping on a comfortable satin or silk pillow? It protects your hair from damage. Rough pillowcases can ruin your hair over time – causing your hair to get caught on it.

Be honest – how many of these were you doing beforehand? Making a change in your night time routine can really improve the health of your hair – and make it easier in the morning!

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It’s extremely important to take care of your hair. As a company who specialises in hair restoration in Aberdeen, we understand that hair problems can be closely linked to a person’s confidence. By keeping your hair healthy, you can keep your confidence healthy too!

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