5 Deadly Hair Sins

As a company that specialises in hair transplants, hair replacement and hair extensions in Edinburgh, we are pretty confident that we know an awful lot about hair.

One thing that we know for certain is that there are specific hair routines that many people have that are ultimately damaging their hair.

We have called these the “5 Deadly Hair Sins” and we will run through them in this helpful post that will hopefully help you kick your bad hair habits.

upset woman pulling dry hair split ends


  1. Washing Your Hair Too Much

Most people don’t know that washing your hair every day is actually doing more harm than good. Every time you wash your hair, you are stripping it of its nutrients and natural oils. Not only this, it also causes your hair to become dry and brittle which may result in hair loss.

We recommend washing your hair every other day.

  1. Using Too Much Heat

This is one hair sin that most people are guilty of. Whether it is using hair straighteners, curlers, or even having your hairdryer on the hottest – your hair is suffering from using too much heat.

You should let your hair air dry whenever possible and try to go at least one or two days a week without using a hair styling tool. Try a new up do!

  1. Skipping A Hair Cut

You’re desperate for your hair to grow so you decide to skip the visit to your hairdressers for your monthly hair cut. Unfortunately, this is not going to make your hair grow any quicker, in fact, it is more likely to cause more harm.

The strands of our hair are extremely fragile and are constantly being damaged from our everyday hair routines. This is why it is very important that you get the ends of your hair cut every 6-8 weeks so that your hair is kept healthy and can grow.

  1. Brushing Your Hair When It Is Wet

A lot of people will be confused by this one as surely your hair needs to be brushed after having a shower? The answer is yes but not with a brush.

You should always comb your hair when it is wet with a wide-tooth comb as this will stop your hair from splitting and becoming damaged.

Over brushing can also cause your hair to shed.

  1. Using Too Much Conditioner

Conditioner is good for your hair and keeps it tangle free. However, using too much of it in the shower can produce more oil in your hair and therefore cause it to become greasier a lot quicker.

It should only be applied to the ends of your hair, as these are the strands that are more damaged and therefore need repairing.



We hope that this post inspires you to look after your hair as best as possible so that it remains healthy for a long time. For those people who feel like their hair is already damaged or needs some TLC, we can help you. Here at KSL, we specialise in providing for all your hair-care needs. If you’d like more information about the treatments we offer, or you have any questions, then please contact us today by calling 0141 248 6603.


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