4 Promises to Make To Your Hair… And Stick To!

We’ve all had those days where our hair just doesn’t do or look like what we want it to. In fact, we often pledge to take better care of our hair so that it can look flawless with very little effort all the time – but do we ever stick to these promises?

Although we’re already speeding towards the end of January and your New Year’s resolutions are either going great or non-existent, it’s never too late to pledge to take better care of your hair! Here are 4 promises that you can make which are really easy to sick to!

Deep Condition Regularly

We doubt that any of our readers need an excuse to kick back and relax every now and then, so while you’re putting your feet up and watching the TV for a few hours at the weekend, why not indulge your hair with a deep conditioning treatment at the same time?

Not only will this keep your hair super soft and smelling great, but it will strengthen each strand of hair on your head, leaving you with durable, silky hair with very little effort!

Woman washing her hair

All you need to do is completely cover your hair with a good quality deep conditioner and let the solution soak into your hair for about an hour or so. Wash it out like you would a normal conditioner and marvel at the transformation in the softness and strength of your hair!

Don’t Forget About Your Scalp

Many people forget how important their scalp is when it comes to hair growth. If it isn’t in very good condition and is often dry and flaky, you can be sure that your hair isn’t going to be in the best of conditions, as hair growth relies on the essential oils which your scalp produces naturally.


It is still important to ensure that you are cleaning your scalp, however. You will still need to remove up the build up of bacteria and dirt by washing your hair, but make sure that you are using gentle shampoo that won’t strip your scalp of these essential oils, leaving you with healthy, naturally protected hair.

Visit a Hairdresser Every So Often

Although it’s important for you to care for your hair on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to book a visit to a professional hair stylist every once in a while to give your hair a much needed boost of health.

You may think that your hair is healthy and happy, but having it looked at by a hair professional will alert you to any issues that you may not have previously noticed.


Even if you just want a change of style or colour, it’s probably best to seek the help of a professional to avoid any mistakes or irreversible damage.

Here at KSL, we want people to be able to enjoy having healthy, strong hair. We offer laser hair therapy in Aberdeen to help those individuals who are dealing with hair loss which may be stopping them from having the hair of their dreams.

If you’d like more information on how our laser hair therapy works or how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 0141 2486603 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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