3 Ways to Change Your Look Without Cutting It

Sometimes we can rush into a new hairstyle, only to regret it a few weeks later and spend the next few months hiding underneath a hat, or keeping it tied up.

Summer often makes people want to change their style up a little, but at times it’s better not to rush into anything that may be permanent – and, worse still, permanently bad.

That’s why we’ve put together three styles that you can try out this summer without committing to something you may regret!

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Change Your Hair Parting

Doing something simple like changing your parting can really change up your look. If you always wear your hair parted to the side, then switch it up and wear it in the middle. Changing your parting can also give your hair some extra volume, as you’re switching the weight of the hair to a different position.
You’ll be surprised by what a difference this can make to your style.

Put In Some Hair Extensions
Extensions provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with longer hair. You can either choose clip-in extensions, or pay a little more to get good quality extensions bonded into your hair (and they’re not permanent!). Hair extensions are perfect for providing both volume and length.
Always choose extensions that can be styled any way you want.
We love hair extensions at KSL, and we’re proud to say we provide some of the best hair extensions in Dundee.

Blond Hair

Get a Faux Bob
Do you really want to cut your hair but you’re not sure whether you’ll suit it? Why not try the faux bob?
All you need to do is curl your hair using a curling iron to give it texture, then put it into a low, messy ponytail and secure with a bobble. Starting with the ends of your hair, roll your ponytail onto itself and tuck towards the nape of your neck. You’ll then need to secure this with bobby pins, so that it doesn’t go anywhere.
Use hairspray to make sure it stays in place! This sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy once you have the hang of it.

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We hope that this post has given you some inspiration to change up your look this summer, even if it’s just a little change and a big boost of confidence. Here at KSL, we can help you with all of your hair-care needs. We offer everything from hair re-growth treatments to hair extensions. If you’d like any more information, please contact us today by calling 0141 248 6603.

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