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Chloe Goodman brings her new boyfriend, footballer Grant Hall, to KSL Hair Maidstone…

We were lucky enough to be some of the first in the know about Chloe Goodman’s new relationship with English Professional footballer and QPR player Grant Hall.

Chloe and Grant arrived at KSL Hair all loved up, hand in hand, ready for Grant’s hair transplant. With a break in the session it’s a prime time for KSL Hair to treat professional footballers.

Grant joins the list of professional footballers who have been through KSL doors this month, including Preston North End FC, Championship player Tommy Spurr, Oxford United’s Simon Eastwood and Sheffield Wednesdays Jake Kean.

Grant has been incredibly aware of his hairline in recent months and he wanted to get it fixed. It was a relatively small procedure and one that is common in young man who want to fix the situation before it gets worse.

Chloe was by his side and very supportive. Grant arrived a little anxious, as we normally experience with patients but as soon as the KSL doctors and technicians put him at ease he relaxed.

We’re delighted for Chloe and Grant, can’t wait to see Grant’s results over the coming months and for their relationship to flourish.

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Q&A: Meet our FUE specialist Dr Ullah

Dr Ullah takes time out of his busy schedule to give some insight into the world of hair loss and what makes him best equipped to provide FUE treatment to KSL customers.


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The KSL Clinic Ltd Heading Towards Further Success

The KSL Clinic Ltd, have today announced the opening of its new clinic in Manchester as it looks to continue the success of its CQC registered Kent based operation. This is the first stage of an ambitious business manifesto from the new management team led by current Director Lloyd Hume and Dr Matee Ullah, Director of Surgical Services. KSL Maidstone will continue to be the centre of operations for the hair loss specialists.

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KSL CQC Registered!

The Care Quality Commission monitor, inspect and regulate health services in the UK. As a registered member of CQC, this ensures that KSL Maidstone provides fundamental standards of services which confirms that each patient is in safe hands!

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What is FUE?

Have you noticed that hair loss treatment is becoming a lot more accessible and is much more commonly sought after by the younger generation? This is all down to a process known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). With this minimally invasive surgery, treatment can be completed within the day, and with a short recovery period, you can be back at work in no time at all! Continue Reading »




The top male appearance worries unveiled, but where does hair loss sit?


Did you know that the average man spends 35 minutes a DAY worrying about how he looks? Research has been commissioned by KSL UK to help understand what it is that makes a guy tick when it comes to appearance.

The research consisted of 2,000 men, half of whom confessed they aren’t confident about their appearance. Continue Reading »




7 Key Reasons for Hair Loss

Are you wondering why there is more hair in the plug hole than on your head? When you brush your hair is there excessive amounts left in the brush? And have you noticed a receding hair line over the past few years?

If the above sounds familiar, then we’re here to help you identify why it might be happening and how we can help. And don’t just think hair loss is just for men, female hair loss or thinning is common too. The reasons can be temporary such as a health issue, or vitamin deficiency, or may be down to genetics and aging.

Either way, here are just some of the key reasons for hair loss:  Continue Reading »




Post Transplant Hair Care

Looking after your hair after your hair transplant is of paramount importance. If you correctly care for your newly transplanted hair in the short and long term, you can ensure you don’t encounter any problems further down the line.

Hair loss in Men - Receding hair line? Consider FUE Hair Transplants with KSL

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