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Lloyd Hume



What does a typical work day involve for you?
Along with our CEO, my focus is to grow the KSL brand in England, whilst ensuring the high standards set by our founding Glasgow clinic are met at all times. No one day atKSL is ever the same, I can be providing free consultations to potential new clients, looking after patients in surgery or providing any part of or extensive aftercare programme for someone who has already undergone surgery. One thing is for sure, every day is a busy rewarding day.

My hair story
I got involved in the Hair industry following a chance meeting with our CEO Simon. My wife introduced him to me as someone who could fix my hair loss issue. After spending a little time chatting, it was clear to me that not only was Simon someone who knew everything there was to know about hair restoration, but he was someone who cared intensely about his customers’ results and meeting their expectations. Having run my own business successfully for over 15 years I was impressed with Simon’s business plans for KSL and was keen to get involved.

The first stage was my own FUE Transplant at KSL that I’m pleased to say went extremely well and the results are there for everyone to see. The second was to plan and open our first location outside of Scotland, which we did last year performing our first procedures in May 2016. We use the same surgical teams as Scotland so can guarantee our clients exactly the same fantastic experience and results. It’s been a really busy first year but we are delighted to already be seeing clients referred to us from clients that are already seeing great results.

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