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Simon Lindsay - CEO of KSL

Simon Lindsay



What does a typical work day involve for you?
Developing the business for KSL UK, working closely with the staff making sure we all achieve the goals and targets set out and making sure that every KSL UK Client is 100% satisfied.

Best KSL moment/client so far
Best moment for me was my first client. I'll never forget Jean, she helped pave the way for what we have achieved today. Thank you Jean!

Hair restoration story
My own story is a very personal one. I started my Hair loss journey at 17 struggling with the idea that I could be bald. Back then the options were limited and there were no guarantees as to what you could achieve. After years of trying every type of lotion and potion I took a leap of faith with a company to restore my hair and had my first hair transplant. While I was happy with it at the time, I always knew I would need to have another in the future. My second procedure was with KSL UK and the results I achieved were amazing - this may be because I had more control over the process and now almost 40yrs young I still can't believe my results today. I make sure that every client who chooses KSL UK to complete their Hair Transplant gets exactly the same treatment and we always push for the same result. The benefit to this is that you should only need it once. You won't have to worry when the next one will need to be done, like I did.

Andrew Dingwall - General Manager and Specialist Hair Loss Consultant for KSL at Our Glasgow - Fife Hair Loss Clinics

Andrew Dingwall

General Manager / Consultant

Glasgow / Fife

What does a typical work day involve for you?
A typical day at KSL is lengthy but rewarding! My day can start at the crack of dawn prepping a patient for a surgical procedure. By mid morning I might be carrying out a periodic client review or meeting a potential client for the first time for a consultation. I feel I'm on my feet all day long making sure everything is running smoothly in the clinic next door and spending time with the 20-30 laser hair treatment clients we can have in on a daily basis. We can do anything between 40-60 hair transplants per month so arranging that schedule can be challenging.

What’s your favourite thing about working at KSL?
The varied days, the team, everything! The KSL summer parties and team outings are always up there with the best, I also get to meet a lot of football players and celebrities which of course is nice.

What made you want to work in hair restoration?
My own story I guess. My hair loss journey is over 10 years old. I was welcomed into the KSL family as a client initially, I felt like I was in a place where I was being looked after, and I take how Simon made me feel all those years ago and now apply it in the same way.

Iain Russell - Specialist Hair Consultant for KSL at Our Glasgow - Edinburgh Hair Loss Clinics

Iain Russell

Hair Consultant


What does a typical work day involve for you?
My day begins with a team meeting where we discuss our plan for the day. We deal with so many clients every day it's important we have a structure in place. I will have consultations booked in throughout the day. I meet new clients to advise them and discuss the options they have with KSL. I also meet existing clients to help them through their weekly aftercare program.

What’s your favourite thing about working at KSL?
It has to be that every day is different. I enjoy meeting and chatting to many different clients and seeing the positive impacts we can have on their life.

Hair restoration story
I still remember the day I saw Anthony stokes and Leigh Griffiths picture in the paper after having treatment with KSL. I had been getting stick from teammates about my high hairline and also on seeing photographs of myself it made me self conscious. It came to a point my teammates had a goal celebration for me about my hair. It was all good fun but it still affected me. After seeing there was a possibility I could restore my hairline I jumped at the chance and KSL was the only place I was going to go to. After meeting Simon I instantly felt comfortable and confident in the results. The results have more than matched my expectations and changed my life.

Interesting fact
I combine working as a consultant with KSL and a footballer. I currently play for Airdrie FC in league 1.

Francis McKeever - Specialist Hair Consultant for KSL UK at Our Glasgow - Dundee Hair Loss Clinics

Francis McKeever

Hair Consultant


Best KSL moment so far
I had too many to count in one year. I have met plenty of pro football players, MMA World Champion Conor McGregor and many other celebrities. That part of this job is amazing, but really I think my best moment so far was helping one particular client, Jack, achieve the results and confidence to feel better about himself and that's something you will never forget. He is such a different person now.

What’s your favourite thing about working at KSL?
The team, they are like family now. We fight, laugh and cry together but all of us know we have each other's back and working hard and long hours certainly brings the rewards.

Hair restoration story
My journey was more was more about my image. I noticed my hair starting to thin slightly around the temple areas and I've always had thick hair, so I needed to do something about it. I'm a huge Celtic fan so I wasn't going anywhere else other than KSL UK. I didn't need a Hair Transplant, a 6-month course of Laser Treatment was enough for me, and it changed my life as I now work at KSL!

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