About KSL

KSL was founded out of a vision that hair transplants should be for everyone and that good hair is not just for millionaires.

KSL became the solution to this, offering affordable hair loss treatment and laser hair therapies with no deposits and payment plans. Suddenly, the treatment of hair loss became open and accessible to those with any budget.  As can be imagined, this concept was met with a huge amount of interest and enthusiasm that has only increased since conception.

The hair loss treatments offered by the clinic are not just incredibly affordable, but also prides itself on client satisfaction and reputation, with each customer treated in the same way regardless of their budget and requirements. Each hair transplant is also guaranteed and if the clinic are not happy with the results after 12 months, they’ll do it for free.

At KSL, everyone is taken on a journey, beginning with the consultation, through to the surgery itself, and the aftercare afterwards, being the only company in the UK that provides aftercare in hair restoration. Weekly hair restoration treatments begin after treatment, with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month check-ups to ensure everything is on track.

Dr Ullah – FUE Specialist


Qualifying from Kings College London in 2009, Dr Ullah has built a prestigious reputation, with experience from Harvard Medical School, Dubai Trauma Centre and London’s famous Harley Street.

Since 2014 Dr Ullah has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. He has perfected his own FUE technique to be minimally invasive, and painless, making him one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the UK. Such a distinguished reputation has led to Dr Ullah being responsible for the largest number of procedures undertaken among TV personalities, sports stars, and ‘A’ list celebrities in the UK.

As an industry leader, Dr Ullah remains dedicated to further research into hair transplant techniques, developing his skills and procedures further. He is a member of FUE Europe a key institution involved in researching hair biology and diseases.

If you are interested in finding out more about KSL and our amazing hair loss treatments, or would like to book a free consultation at either our  Kent hair clinic or Manchester, please call 0800 023 4050 and begin your hair restoration journey.

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