Hair restoration in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland

KSL Hair provides Hairloss Treatments to clients from all over Scotland. Our Clinic is in the centre of Glasgow City. We are just a 5 min walk from Central Station which has direct links to Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, in fact all over Scotland. So travelling has never so been so easy to have a professional consultation. KSL hair has created its own brand of real Hair extensions which has been endorsed by scottish celebrity Debbie Lawlor, so its not just Hairloss that we cater for. If you want to change your image or improve the quality, volume of your hair then give us a call today. Hairloss treatments in Scotland have never been more readily available under one roof. KSL hair Guarantess the quality of its products and procedures.

”All of our clients have one thing in common that may not be quite as obvious as you may think” Its not hairloss!…… ​Confused?? It is how long it takes them to build up the courage to go for a consultation.